A New Year – A New Financial You

It’s time to get all of your Ducks in a Row

Firstly, let me start by saying I hope you all had a Merry Christmas and a wonderful New Years! Now, if you’re anything like me the January blues will be in full swing. The dark nights seem to last forever, it’s so cold that you sometimes forget you have fingers and toes and now that […]

I’m really not sure about Pensions!?

Lincolnshire Financial Advisors

Sound familiar? When you left school and started working, you probably had no idea what a pension was, how it worked and how it could benefit you, well rest assured you were not alone! Pensions can be an effective way of managing your finances from a young age all they way up until you intend […]

Life Insurance – The Devil is in the Detail

Lincolnshire Financial Advisors

A recent study has shown that two in three adults in the UK don’t have any life insurance. For the lucky people who own their homes without a mortgage the lack of life insurance shouldn’t cause them much of a headache, but if you, like most homeowners, have a mortgage then life insurance should be […]

Did you know?

Life Insurance Cover

An inheritance from a loved one is their final gift to you which would serve as a wonderful reminder of the person who has made it all possible. However, in certain instances you might think that other people, perhaps family members, charities or anyone you feel could benefit more from an inheritance, should have received […]

Financial Planning… The Liberty Difference

Essential Corporate Planning

A new client is someone who typically has been introduced to us by an existing client and they have a need to talk to someone about a financial matter such as their pension or how they can create an investment. We sometimes call this ‘the messy part’, anxiety levels may be riding high and confidence […]

Company Directors: Your Pension needs you!

Essential Corporate Planning

Have you noticed that your corporation tax bill keeps getting bigger?  But have you ever thought about how a pension can help? If we’re being honest, I’d guess probably not. But there are many ways in which your business could benefit from getting the most out of your pension. We see a lot of clients […]