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Cambridge Probate: Who Pays For Probate?

Cambridge probate can be confusing at what is already an emotional time, but finding the right probate experts to help you get through the process can offer peace of mind. Probate relates to the ‘grant of probate’ which is issued after someone dies. There is a fee for this; but who has to pay for it?

When someone dies, a grant of probate needs to be issued by the Probate Registry. This document offers proof that the executors are entitled to deal with the estate of the deceased. Until probate is issued, Cambridge legal services will recommend that executors should not take any steps to resolve the deceased’s financial affairs in case there are delays or unforeseen issues. However, in order to apply for probate, the executor must submit an application to the Probate Registry and pay the fee there. This is currently £215 for personal applications. Soon, however, this charge will be changing; and from May 2017, the fees will instead be linked to the value of the estate. Estates worth less than £50,000 will not incur any fee to pay. Whatever the cost, the problem for many is that this fee is due before the executors have access to the assets belonging to the deceased person. Speaking to your financial advisor Cambridge if you are an executor who needs to pay for probate will give you much-needed advice. Currently, executors must pay the fees themselves and then recover them from the estate once probate has been granted. This, of course, can cause financial distress in some cases, which is why some banks will offer special short term loans to cover this cost.

If you need to apply for Cambridge probate, you should come to the experts for the best advice and information. Liberty Partnership Ltd has been dealing with probate issues for many years. See our website at for details of our service, and contact us on 01778 342291 or for additional information.