What about Inheritance Tax?

A good year for the tax man!

When we start out in our working lives we all look to work as hard as we can, so we can enjoy life to the full. For some this is going on lovely holidays all over the world, for others this is being able to treat the family and for some it is simply the […]

The Perils and Pitfalls of Purchasing a Property

How do the new inheritance tax rules work?

The starting point is always the same… You have found the new house or investment property and it becomes ‘all you ever wanted’, ‘the house of your dreams’, ‘Where we can start a family’ or ‘this will be a good investment’ and so you plan and plot and scheme about the future and the shape […]

Happy New Year!

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New Years in April, are you sure? No, I’ve not been drinking! I am, of course, referring to the start of the 19/20 Tax Year. Working in the financial services industry many people will tell you it gets rather hectic whenever the tax year draws to a close, however a lot people let it pass […]

It’s Celebration Time!

We were delighted this month to have been featured in The Times newspaper in their guide to the Uk’s Top Rated Financial Advisers. The guide featured the 200 top rated advisers in the country.  To place that in context, according to Money Marketing during 2018 there were 25,611 advisers providing financial advice. To have featured […]

Attention – Higher Rate Taxpayers Wanted!

Unless you really enjoy giving your hard-earned money to the tax man, I think it’s safe to say we would all like to pay as little tax as possible – especially if you are subject to Higher or Additional rates of taxation. For the 18/19 Tax Year, if you earn above £46,350.00 the excess is […]

Pensions, Pensions, Pensions and the Tax Year End!

Lincolnshire Financial Advisors

We recently had a new client come into our office as he had read somewhere about his Personal Tax Allowance being affected by his earnings. He was unclear whether he was impacted by this but wanted to talk to a professional to make sure. In this instance it turned out that, had he not come […]