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Cambridge Financial Advisor: Why Does Your Business Need Key Man Insurance?

Cambridge financial advisor services are not just something that the rich and famous can afford to hire. If you need financial advice, there will be a financial advisor within your price range, so it is important to speak to them about how they can help you look after your assets better.

If you run a business, there are some additional financial aspects that you may need a financial advisor Cambridge based to cover for you. One of these is key man insurance. Key man insurance is life insurance placed on the most important person or people within a business. In larger businesses, this is not generally as necessary as in smaller ones, but it is still something to consider. In small businesses, having key man insurance is essential. Think about the people who work in your business. If one of them was to die or be seriously ill for an extended period of time, would the company still manage? Would it still carry on and be profitable? If there is someone whose absence would cause major problems within the company, then you should take out a key man insurance policy on them. Cambridge financial services will be able to assist you in choosing the right policy with the right premiums for your budget. It does not have to be expensive, especially compared to how much the company could lose if that person was no longer there. Once you have determined who the key people are in your business, and you have worked out how much you can pay for their insurance, you will have peace of mind.

There are many ways to ensure that your money works better for you, and a Cambridge financial advisor will have the answers about how to do this effectively. Liberty Partnership Ltd is exactly that financial advisor; our expert team is ready to help you. See more at Alternatively, contact us on or by calling 01778 342291.