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Peterborough financial services experts are asked many different questions. The answers will almost always depend on the client’s individual circumstances and life plans. They may be able to suggest solutions you have not previously considered. For example, trusts are a popular way of keeping money safe, but have you heard of a living trust?

It could be that a living trust is the ideal way for you to organise your finances, and financial advisor Cambridge experts will talk you through the pros, cons and processes. A living trust is something that is made in place of a will, and it does have a number of advantages. It also has some disadvantages, and these should be discussed with your financial advisor Peterborough. Living trusts are ideal if you don’t want to have to go through probate as you would with a normal will. This can save time and money, and will ensure that your beneficiaries will receive their inheritance more quickly. Also, because it will not go through probate, your living trust does not become a matter of public record. It is also possible to have a living trust that also contains a power of attorney. This means that you can specify someone to make decisions on your behalf if you cannot do so yourself due to illness or injury. However, the downside to a living trust is that it can be expensive to create. Additionally, it differs from probate, which helps ensure that the people who are supposed to inherit from you do so.

When it comes to considering your options in the event of a serious illness or death, it ca pay dividends to talk to an independent financial advisor from Liberty Partnership Ltd ( We offer Peterborough financial services and more. Contact our friendly, knowledgeable team today on 01778 342291 or to discover how we can help you and your finances.