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Financial Adviser Cambridge: What Options Do You Have With A Stakeholder Pension?

Financial adviser Cambridge services offer sound advice regarding the many different options you have for financial matters in a number of key areas of your current and future life. There are many options when it comes to your finances and it can be easy to get confused as to the best path to take at times. Speaking to an expert means you won’t feel so potentially overwhelmed.

For example, when it comes to a stakeholder pension, there are a range of alternatives. The one you select needs to be the one that best meets your personal situation and requirements. This is what a financial advisor Cambridge will be able to help you calculate. One option presented to you will be to take the money from your personal pension pot when you reach the age of 55 (and before you reach the age of 99). How large the pension pot is will depend on a number of factors, including how much you have paid in and for how long. It will also depend on what the investment returns have been like over the lifetime of the pension. Another option you will be given is to take your pension out in stages. You will be allowed to take up to a maximum of two withdrawals per calendar year, and each payment will need to be at least £5,000. If you do this, you must always leave £5,000 in your pension pot. For each payment you take out, 25% of it will be tax-free; while the remaining 75% will be subject to income tax. Cambridge financial services are best placed to work out what is your best option, taking into account your plans for your future.

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