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Estate Planning Peterborough: What Is Estate Planning?

Estate planning Peterborough can cover many different things. Your estate essentially is made up of everything you own, from your property to your furniture, your savings to your investments. Without proper planning for the distribution of all that is yours, your estate could be caught up in lengthy court proceedings after you die.

Estate planning is about more than making a will; although this is part of it, and should be the first thing you do. If you are unsure about where to start, contact your financial advisor Cambridge based to find out more. Estate planning includes detailing who you should appoint as a guardian for your children if they are below the age of consent; what you would like to happen if you were to become disabled; or whether or not you would like to continue living if you were in a coma. Estate planning is also a great time to think about Cambridge legal services and appoint executors for your will, as well as dictate whom you want to deal with probate. What about trusts? This is the time to set them up – when you are planning what will happen to your estate. A trust is ideal if you want to leave money or property to someone who is too young to inherit. The money will remain in trust until they come of age, at which time it will be passed to them. Estate planning can also take care of any legalities surrounding your business if you have one. Without proper planning, your business might stop running altogether if something were to happen to you – and that could put many people out of work.

Estate planning Peterborough wide must be carefully considered and never rushed into. This is why contacting Liberty Partnership Ltd on 01778 342291 or is essential – we can assist you in working out the finer details. Our website ( is full of useful information and further explanation of exactly what we do.