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Cambridge Financial Advisors: How Much Key May Insurance Do You Need?

Cambridge financial advisors should be your first point of contact if you have any financial questions. No matter whether it’s pensions, insurance, investments, or anything else that relates to money, your financial advisor will have the advice you need. If you run a business, key man insurance is worth considering.

But how much key man insurance do you really need? It all depends on what your business does; and what the loss would be if the ‘key man’ was no longer able to work due to death or serious illness. However, what most Cambridge financial services experts would recommend is to buy as much as you can afford. It is a good idea to speak to an independent financial advisor Cambridge based, because they will be able to shop around to get you a good rate. One of the important decisions you will have to make is between term insurance and whole life or variable life insurance. These latter have higher premiums, but that is guaranteed for the life of the policy. Term insurance is cheaper, provided it will pay out what you need should you require it to. It’s a good idea is to get premium quotes for a variety of different scenarios. Start with something smaller such as £100,000, and move up to £1 million, for example. You can compare how much the rates will be and work out how much you can afford. A good financial advisor will be able to assist you to calculate the loss to the business if a key individual were no longer there; and therefore what the best policy for your circumstances will be.

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