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Financial Advisors Cambridge: What Is A Pension?

Financial advisors Cambridge will be able to talk you through all types of financial matters. This could be anything from investments made on behalf of a new-born baby to will writing and estate planning, or something in between. One thing we should all consider is our pensions.

Planning for your retirement is essential in these uncertain financial times. Your financial advisor Cambridge will be able to make proposals on how you can ensure there is enough money to see you through your retirement. Between you, you will be able to come up with a realistic retirement plan. Part of this plan will inevitably be to take out some form of private pension. While your state pension will be a good start, it is unlikely to be sufficient for your requirements. Working with Cambridge financial services will increase your options. A pension is the best way to save for your retirement, because it is specific and tax efficient. You have a wide range of choices as to which pension provider you go with, and it is up to you how much you contribute. The amount you are able to invest into the pension you choose determines how much you benefit from at the end. You will also – subject to certain limits – have a tax-free allowance on your pension too. If you are in employment, you will usually have the option to join the company pension scheme that must be made available to you. But those who are not employed by a company will need to look at a personal pension.

Even if you already have a workplace pension, an additional personal pension may be a good idea. Speak to Liberty Partnership Ltd, expert financial advisors Cambridge, about what can be done. See our website at for details, or contact us on 01778 342291 or to speak to the team.