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Will Writing Peterborough: What Are The Biggest Will Writing Triggers?

Will writing Peterborough is not something that people like to think about too often, even though it is an essential part of their financial planning. There are, however, certain ‘triggers’ that make people decide to write a will. What are these triggers and why do they make will writing seem like a good idea?

As strange as it may seem, a recent survey suggested that for around a fifth of under 40 year-olds the trigger for seeking Cambridge legal services and writing their will was spotting their first grey hair. This reminder of mortality may sound like a silly reason, but it is important to some. Wrinkles and unexplained and unexpected pains in the back, neck and knees also have a similar effect. Going through old photographs and seeing long-deceased loved ones can also feed the urge to create a will. However, the biggest trigger for writing a will and finding a financial advisor Cambridge expert is said to be having children. It seems that having another person for whom you are completely responsible is a huge motivation for wanting to ensure that they are protected should something happen to one or both parents. Marriage is another reason, and the idea behind that is similar – there is now someone else to look after, and writing a will is a way to guarantee that that will happen in accordance with your wishes. The death of a family member, or even close friend (especially if they are of a similar age to you), can also push people to finally write a will.

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