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Cambridge Will Writers: What Is The Biggest Reason For Not Having A Will?

Cambridge will writers are not necessarily the kind of people who are at the forefront of most people’s minds. However, making your wishes known in the event of your death offers peace of mind to you and those you leave behind. Using a professional to ensure your will is legally correct can save time and worry further down the line.

Studies by institutions such as NS&I show that as many as two thirds of people do not have a will. What is the biggest reason given for being without such an important document? Surveys show that what deters people from commissioning experts such as Cambridge legal services to draw up a will for them is simply that they do not like to talk or think about their own mortality. Death is still a major taboo, and it seems that writing a will is an acknowledgement that it will come to us all. The difficulty that arises if you die without having made a will is that your estate may not automatically go to the person or people you would want it to. More than that, it is highly likely that the whole process of winding up your financial affairs in the event of your death will be complicated and expensive, causing additional distress to those you leave behind. Therefore, for your own peace of mind and that of those you love, it is better to bite the bullet and speak to a qualified and experienced legal or financial advisor Cambridge based. That way, you can make your wishes clear regarding the disposal of your estate when you die.

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