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Financial Advice Peterborough: What Illnesses Are Covered By Critical Illness Cover?

Financial advice Peterborough based should be considered by anyone who wants the best deal when it comes to mortgages, pensions, life insurance, investments and more. There are so many things to look out for and so many pitfalls when it comes to finance that speaking to an expert should be your first call.

Critical illness cover can make a big difference to your peace of mind - and your family’s well-being if you are diagnosed with an illness. Having this insurance, ideally arranged by a financial advisor Peterborough based, will mean that your mortgage is paid off, for example. It will provide your family with the money needed if you are unable to work. But each insurance policy is different, and you should make sure that the one you are signing up to will work for you. This is where a financial advisor Cambridge can help you, by talking you through all the important small print of a policy. Something that seems good at first may not provide you with the cover you need. For example, do you know exactly which illnesses your policy will pay out for? Most policies will pay out if you are diagnosed with some forms of cancer, a heart attack or a stroke. For some, this is all they want to be covered for, but there are plenty of other eventualities. You may want to consider adding more to your policy, or finding a policy that includes other illnesses or occurrences. These could include pay-outs in the event of major organ transplants, head injuries or blindness; as well as if bacterial meningitis, Parkinson’s disease or other debilitating conditions develop.

Different critical illness insurance policies will cover different illnesses; and it is best to seek the sound financial advice Peterborough experts have to offer before signing up to anything. Liberty Partnership Ltd can offer that expert advice and much more. Find out further information at; contact us on 01778 342291 or email queries to