Life Insurance – The Devil is in the Detail

A recent study has shown that two in three adults in the UK don’t have any life insurance. For the lucky people who own their homes without a mortgage the lack of life insurance shouldn’t cause them much of a headache, but if you, like most homeowners, have a mortgage then life insurance should be at the top of your priority list.

Life insurance is a tricky subject because when you need it, unfortunately, you will no longer be with us. But the purpose of life insurance isn’t to look after you, it is to make sure the people you care about most are looked after once you have passed away and that should the worst happen to you then being able to help your partner by clearing the mortgage can help take a lot of stress away from them during, what will be a difficult time in their life.

It is at this point that I can’t stress enough, how important it is that when you are considering life insurance you tell your adviser about every little detail, no matter how small or how irrelevant you may feel it is, as this will enable them to help you in the best way possible. Both your adviser and the insurer want you have a pleasant experience with what is bound to be an unpleasant time, should you ever need to claim on a life insurance policy, so being upfront and honest with the insurer will allow this to happen and in turn meaning they are going to pay out quicker!

If you feel that you need to consider life insurance then contact the office on 01778 342291 for a free initial discussion. One of our highly trained and experienced Financial Planners will be able to help guide you through the process to make sure you receive the best outcome for you and your loved ones