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Peterborough Financial Advisors: How To Provide For Your Children In Your Will

Peterborough financial advisors can assist with many of life’s key milestones. One of their roles can be to assist individuals to compose a valid and legally enforceable will. Although it is possible to write a will yourself, mistakes do happen. These can be costly and time consuming, so using professionals is always best.

One question that should be asked when writing a will with the help of a financial advisor Peterborough is whether guardians should be appointed for any underage children in the event of their parents’ deaths. A will is the best place to make a note of these wishes if you have them. For children under the age of 18, there should be some provision made for if they become orphans. If no guardian is written into your will then the courts will choose one for you, and this may be someone you would prefer not to look after your children. If you have a preference, it should be noted in your will; but of course, you must check with the chosen individual or individuals to ensure that they are prepared to take on the responsibility if need be. Additionally, you may wish to consider setting up a trust for your children. This is something that a financial advisor Cambridge will be best placed to advise upon. Your child or children could also or alternatively be named as the beneficiaries of any life insurance policy you hold. For the full range of options available to you, in order to provide for your dependents in the case of your untimely death, seek advice from a professional financial expert.

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