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Financial Advisors Grantham: What Are The Benefits Of Probate?

Financial advisors Grantham with the right expertise will be able to help you through the difficult process of probate after a death in the family. Many people still try to circumnavigate probate altogether, believing it to be a waste of time and money. But there are some definite advantages to the process, which you may not want to miss out on.

The first major benefit of going through the probate process regards the creditors of an estate. When someone dies, creditors generally have 12 months to file a claim against the estate to get their money back. Once probate is issued - something that Lincolnshire financial advisors can assist with - that time period is reduced to four months. Therefore, it might mean that less money has to be paid out of the estate to these creditors, leaving more for the beneficiaries. Another advantage of probate relates to trusts. Putting a property into trust keeps it safe for future generations, or for a later date of your choosing. Without probate, this cannot happen. For a property to be put into trust, the title deeds need to be transferred into the executor’s name, which cannot happen without probate. If a trust is something you feel you would like to consider or set up, ask for more information from your independent financial advisor Cambridge or wherever your affairs are based. In summary, although probate can be time consuming and hard work, there are some definite benefits that could help the beneficiaries and trustees of an estate.

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