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Financial Advisers Lincolnshire: Is It Possible To Have More Than One Private Pension?

Financial advisers Lincolnshire are the right people to speak to regarding any kind of financial question. It can be related to planning for your retirement, which is a critical milestone in your life to consider. Not having enough money in place when you stop working full time can cause many issues.

You may already have a private pension; and if you are working full time, you should also have the option to be enrolled in the company’s workplace pension. Is this possible? Would you have to cancel your existing personal pension in order to do this? Should you opt out? A helpful financial advisor Cambridge will tell you that you don’t have to do any of this if you would prefer not to. This is because it is perfectly possible to have more than one pension in place. This includes workplace pensions and the state pension, as well as private ones. If you do have more than one scheme in place, you must remember to ensure that you still pay into your private pension even if you are also paying into a workplace pension, for example. If you would prefer only to pay into one pot, that is not a problem – you can opt out of the workplace pension, or cancel your private pension. Before doing this, however, it is best to speak to Lincolnshire financial advisors as you may lose the money you have put in so far. It may also be possible to move the money that you have built up in company pension schemes into a private pension if you leave that company.

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