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Financial Advisors Stamford: Who Can Witness A Will?

Financial advisors Stamford and beyond do many things, including helping you with your will. They may or may not be able to write the will for you; you may need legal services for that. However, they can advise on the best ways to maximise your beneficiaries’ inheritance after you die. Your will has to be legally valid, however; otherwise your final wishes may go unfulfilled.

One thing that must always be done when writing a will is to ensure that it is signed by witnesses. Without these two signatures, the will is not valid even if everything else is correct. Your financial advisor Cambridge can assist and point you in the right direction, but the responsibility of ensuring your will is correctly executed is all down to you in the end. There are some rules to follow regarding the witnesses of a will. Firstly, these must be two independent witnesses. The witnesses must have actually seen the testator sign the will, and cannot sign themselves if they have not seen this happen. Each witness must also be over the age of 18 – only adult witnesses are allowed. Although you may think it easiest to ask family members, the law does not allow relatives to be witnesses. Equally, they cannot be beneficiaries of the will, and this includes being married to a beneficiary. These are the only rules, however; and as long as these are followed you can choose anyone to be a witness including friends, work colleagues, people you know from university, or even your Lincolnshire financial advisors if they are willing. The choice is yours. Once this is done, your will is valid.

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