Financial Planning… The Liberty Difference

A new client is someone who typically has been introduced to us by an existing client and they have a need to talk to someone about a financial matter such as their pension or how they can create an investment.

We sometimes call this ‘the messy part’, anxiety levels may be riding high and confidence levels sometimes low, it can all appear to be quite daunting! Quickly they will settle in, it is the same as any new relationship where we get to know each other, and naturally confidence levels grow, and anxiety subsides.

Immediately the conversation will be broadened out into sometimes seemingly unrelated matters. We will be thorough and clear with you and if you do not understand these often complex matters then we will be patient, recap and explain again in terms that you understand.

A pension or investment is simply a vehicle to enable you to plan in a particular way, they tell us little though about your hopes and dreams, your family life, health circumstances and objectives for the future. This to us is all critical in our role as financial planners, we have to get to know you and to understand you in order to help build a plan for your future.

We are confident that you will enjoy the process and that you will find it rewarding. We will get quickly through the messy part and we will work with you over the long term to help keep your plan on track. You will be given all the support you need, and you will understand all that we will do for you…. Yes, we promise you will understand it all, even the complicated bits!

So, take a moment to reflect on your own finances, what are your priorities? What direction are they heading in? If you are still not sure then perhaps it is time to start creating your own financial plan.

And we are certain we can help….

For your free initial discussion please contact our office on 01778 342291.