Is a High Street Bank Savings Account really the way to go?

Lincolnshire Financial Advisors

For years now, most people would say that the best way to save was to put money into a Savings Account provided by one of the many High Street Banks we have in the UK. Primarily there are two types of High Street Savings Accounts, Instant Access and Restricted Access. An Instant Access Savings Account […]

So how are your pensions and investments really invested?

It’s a reasonable question but more often than not one that many of us never get around to answering. Many of us have Pensions and ISA’s but these are not actually investments they are ‘tax wrappers’ in other words they determine how you are being taxed on the capital you have invested. So, you really […]

It could be you!


And so we have recently travelled through the end of another tax year. At Liberty Partnership we observed a sizeable increase in people looking to finalise their planning strategies as we approached the year end. This is great news and shows that individuals and companies are becoming more aware of the available tax, investment and […]

It really is time to check your retirement plans!

If you were given a large sum of cash, perhaps £100,000, to invest then we are certain that you would take great care in how this was invested, you would clearly understand the risk you were taking and the charges you were paying. You would probably take financial advice and would be certain about what […]

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year

Its Christmas and we wanted to say ‘Thank You’ and that it has been a pleasure working with all of our clients, family and friends over this past year. We hope you all have a lovely Christmas and a very Happy New Year. Best wishes Richard, David and all the team at Liberty Partnership & […]

How are you financing your retirement?

Almost 79% of those with workplace pensions would welcome increasing their savings alongside employer contributions, research by Ipsos Mori has found. This finding follows calls to raise the minimum automatic-enrolment (AE) contribution levels. Scottish Widows called for a 12% minimum contribution by 2020, while Aviva said it wanted a 12.5% by 2028, arguing raising the […]