It could be you!

And so we have recently travelled through the end of another tax year. At Liberty Partnership we observed a sizeable increase in people looking to finalise their planning strategies as we approached the year end.

This is great news and shows that individuals and companies are becoming more aware of the available tax, investment and pension planning opportunities that are available. Planning techniques that can often save thousands of pounds.

It is not all good news though as HMRC still claimed record receipts for Inheritance tax, higher rate earners continue to lose child benefit and higher level tax allowances and people are still parking their pension reviews as they simply feel that they ‘do not understand’ any of their arrangements.

Well perhaps in this new tax year it really could be you. It could be your turn to take advice, to create a clear picture of how your own finances look. We offer a FREE initial discussion to all of our clients so you really do not have a great deal to lose and our experience is that you will be delighted that you finally got round to considering your own plan!

So don’t delay any further, pick the phone up, make an appointment and start moving forward with a clearer vison of your financial future.

Finally some celebratory news…

We have a culture of professional learning and development at Liberty Partnership and we are delighted to confirm that Joy Carr, Matthew Biggs and Mark Russon have recently passed Chartered Insurance Institute exams. Probably now suitably embarrassed but well done to them all!