Have you lost Child Benefit because of high income?

For some years now the child benefit tax charge for higher earners has had an impact on families and the implications of this charge aren’t always immediately obvious! Child benefit can be claimed for all children under the age of 16. The current benefit is £20.70 per week for the first child and £13.70 for […]

Have you planned for your retirement years?

Retirement planning is a relatively modern concept. If you go back 100 years most people expected to work until they died or at best be supported by their children. Even 50 years ago retirement would have meant 5 to 10 years of fairly quiet life before you died. Today most people looking to stop working […]

How could an interest rate rise affect you?

Are mortgage interest rates set to increase? The next opportunity for a change in interest rates is just around the corner and there is wide spread speculation that rates are now set to rise. Predictions of a 0.25% increase in the bank rate are rife, having been fuelled by the Governor of the Bank of […]

Time to review your ‘gold plated’ final salary Company Pension?

Following the changes to retirement planning in April 2015 we have seen a significant increase in members of traditional company pension schemes ‘Defined benefit Pensions’ asking us to obtain cash equivalent transfer values. These pensions have always been considered gold plated because they promise to pay a secure, index-linked income for life, based on final […]

Time for a change?

Time for a change?

From Norwich to Peterborough and up and down the land the shape of the high street is changing. Banks and Building Societies are withdrawing their face to face presence in droves in favour of a more technology based service. Our experience is that whilst some clients are happy with internet and telephone services that many […]

How do the new inheritance tax rules work?

How do the new inheritance tax rules work?

The new rules that remove millions of family homes from inheritance tax have now taken effect. From April 5, each individual can claim an additional allowance of £100,000 to offset the sale of a family home on death, on top of their existing £325,000 inheritance tax exemption. This new tax allowance will rise to £175,000 […]