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If you’re on the search for a local financial advisor in Huntingdon – look no further!

Liberty Partnership Ltd based has over 20 years of experience helping clients across Huntingdon and offering local independent financial advice.

We can help prepare you financially for later in life so that you and your family are always financially secure. Choices such as paying off your mortgage, life insurance policies and, advice on investment planning.

You will have a dedicated adviser to help you navigate any financial situation for the best possible outcome. All services offered by Liberty Partnership Huntingdon are regulated so you can enjoy peace of mind that your finances will be in safe hands.

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Independent financial advice in Huntingdon

Our dedicated advisors can help you take the necessary steps to protect the interests of you, your business and, your family. Our team based in Huntingdon provide both personal and corporate financial services.

If you need help with:

  • Pensions.
  • Investments and retirement planning
  • Savings accounts.
  • Your mortgage.
  • Tax, estate planning and inheritance issues
  • Business start-ups & growth
  • Investment in property, commercial real estate & development

The staff at Liberty Partnership Ltd Huntingdon are specialists in all areas of financial services. We provide complete investment management for people who want to protect their capital against inflation or have an income from a pension plan that does not keep up with inflation.

Our process for financial planning

Being prepared for the future is the best way to ensure longevity for your finances. Our team of advisers can help you buy investments with disposable income which in return, will grow over time. This is called asset allocation and an example of how our process works.

  • Establish your financial goals.
  • Look at the current assets and liabilities you’re responsible for.
  • Thoroughly evaluate your current financial position.
  • Go through your financial plan and our recommendations.
  • Continuously monitor and review when adjustments need to be made

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Personal wealth management and planning

Fulfilling and securing your future wealth should be handed to a team of professional financial advisers who have years of experience generating wealth for our clients. As local financial consultants, we have a deep understanding of personal wealth through the information that isn’t readily available for people to find.

Personal finance planning services we can offer you:

  • Pension advice
  • Wealth management
  • Financial planning based on your long-term objectives
  • Long-term planning for your investments
  • Investment management
  • Estate planning
  • Investment planning

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Corporate investment and financial planning

Our team of advisers are able to offer advice to business owners and managers in all areas of corporate finance and investment planning. We offer advice and tailored solutions for your specific long-term revenue and growth goals.

We’re able to give financial advice to businesses on:

  • Director pensions
  • Auto-enrolment
  • Shareholder protection
  • Death-in-service
  • Employee benefits
  • Company and key person insurance


Why should I use a local financial advisor?

When dealing with your own personal money it is vital that you feel completely confident that both the professional and the company you are dealing with is trustworthy. By choosing a local financial advisor you can be assured of receiving impartial advice and service from a financial company based in Huntingdon.

What are the costs of independent financial advisers?

There are no hidden costs or commissions to pay – we’re completely upfront with our costs. Each product is individually priced and all advisors will be happy to discuss the specific costs and benefits with you. If you do not require any financial advice, but would like to know the price of products such as life insurance or personal pensions, they will still happily give you a quote with no obligation to buy.

Can Liberty Partnerships advise me on what policies I need?

Yes. All of our advisors are qualified to give advice on the most appropriate insurance policies for you and your family. Depending on your individual needs and your list of requirements, we can tailor specific solutions to your goals and long-term financial plan.

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If you like the idea of earning a passive income through investment but aren’t sure where to start, contact Liberty Partnership Ltd today on 01778 342291 or As the best financial advisors in Huntingdon, we pride ourselves on our expertise.

We’re registered in England and regulated by the financial conduct authority.