How Many Life Insurance Policies Can You Have?

Many people often question how many life insurance policies they can hold.  The answer is simple: there is no limit to the number of policies one can possess. However, the total amount of coverage one can acquire has its limitations. Having multiple life insurance policies can be beneficial for numerous reasons.  For instance, ensuring financial […]

Is Life Insurance Subject To Inheritance Tax?

Inheritance tax is something that everyone should consider when estate planning for after their death. Although not every beneficiary of a will has to pay an IHT bill because the inheritance tax (IHT) threshold is set at £325,000, you may find that the value of your estate is over this amount. This means that your […]

Can I Retire at 55 With £300k? Will It Last Me?

Many people dream of being able to retire at 55. With the state pension age rising to 68, it isn’t too surprising that so many of us want to retire early and enjoy the retirement lifestyle of our dreams. The good news is that there is no longer any set year that retirement must happen. […]

How Many Hours Can I Work After Retirement?

Today, many people reach the default retirement age and decide that they aren’t ready to quit work altogether. Although they may retire and access their pension scheme, they may want to carry on “keeping their hand in” and doing a part-time job to keep themselves busy and bring in a little extra income on top […]

What Qualifies For Ill Health Retirement?

What Qualifies For Ill Health Retirement? Early retirement is a goal for many people, but it can be essential rather than just desirable if you need to leave work due to ill health. Retiring early often raises concerns about long term income sources, especially as the State Pension cannot be claimed until normal pension age.  […]

Why Is Retirement Planning Important?

Retirement is a time when you go through a lot of changes. You aren’t working anymore, so you have more time on your hands for a start. Also, unfortunately, your health may start to decline. As you get older, you may be considering the various things you need to plan for, such as taking out […]