Cash Flow Modelling

Have you ever considered what your financial future will look like?

Cash flow modelling is an exciting innovation at Liberty Partnership which allows us to assess your current and projected wealth. We will create a detailed picture of your financial position and forecast what your finances will look like from your current age to a maximum age of 100.

We will be thorough and will consider all of your assets which could include savings, investments, pension funds, future inheritances, state pension provisions and property investments.

We ask that you complete a detailed income and expenditure which will include your anticipated future expenditure at the point of your retirement. Once complete this should be returned to us either by post, email ( or calling into the office prior to your meeting.

We will make allowances for investment returns, inflation and we can even model stock market downturns and how these events could impact on you.

You will find that the cash flow models that we create are an essential tool as you will be able to see an accurate visual representation of your finances, both now and in the future, therefore making it easier to make adjustments to accommodate your future goals and aspirations.

Once the cash flow model has been created this is just the starting point as your advisor will continue to work with you and update your personal model to reflect changes to your circumstances.

The cash flow model will be presented to you and you will be able to understand it, we promise, you really will! We are certain that this will change how you plan your financial future.