The Perils and Pitfalls of Purchasing a Property

The starting point is always the same…

You have found the new house or investment property and it becomes ‘all you ever wanted’, ‘the house of your dreams’, ‘Where we can start a family’ or ‘this will be a good investment’ and so you plan and plot and scheme about the future and the shape that life will take. It feels good, you become excited and then you start to figure out your finances and decide to seek advice.

I have given mortgage advice to many clients, I arrange the mortgage and advise you over the terms and costs involved. I understand that my role from this point is in ‘delivering the dream’.

I guess though this is where I am trying to make my point. My role is to act as your adviser and sometimes I wish that I was slightly more on board before the dreams of home owning and the thoughts of your future world become as entrenched as they do.

There is a great deal more to be considered than the choice of new wallpaper or carpets and my role is to assist you in moving forward with a clear understanding of how your finances will work. My guidance often involves helping you understand the many mortgage offers available, clarifying the costs of stamp duty or encouraging you to consider taxation implications that can fall heavily on buy to let landlords.

So, when you are looking to follow your dream or make a property investment it is always sensible to know your options and the consequences involved in advance. There is a great deal that can be achieved simply by arranging a meeting with ourselves.

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