Now is a great time to review

First and foremost, I want to pass on my best to all of you. We are in very trying times currently and, for me, it’s times like this that really make you appreciate the important things in life.

The health and safety of our family, friends and colleagues all take precedent, but as normal life has ground to a halt and most of us being confined to comfort of our home, an odd side effect has emerged; time. As most of the past times we all enjoyed such as pubs, breaks away and sporting events have been put on hold, we now have an abundance of time on our hands. If social media is anything to go by a lot of people are using their time to either start new indoor exercise regimes or bake banana bread (not too sure about the latter, personally!). And with all this extra time wouldn’t it be great to finally get around to doing some of the tasks you’ve been putting off.

If I was a betting man I would say a lot of you will have a pile of statements, be it bank, mortgage, pensions or investments which you probably have put in safe keeping but not really given much thought to. Given the ongoing circumstances, I would suggest now more than ever would be a good time get this paperwork out and review your current financial picture. We have seen the impact Coronavirus has had on all aspects of life and this will be no different with regards to your mortgage, pensions and any investments you might have.

We have seen the financial markets around the globe impacted heavily by the Coronavirus pandemic, and if your pension and investments are exposed to these then you would have seen an impact first-hand. When we work with clients we truly believe in educating and empowering them. Come the end of April we will have spoken to all our clients to review the current situation with them and the overall message we’re getting is one of calmness. Many clients have explained to us that, thanks to onus we put on educating them, they are not worried and were thankful that we have reached out to them.

Although our office door is closed, we are still open for business. So if you dig out some statements that could benefit from a review or would like to explore what options you have then please contact our office on 01778 342291 to arrange a FREE initial consultation.