Let’s talk about the R word

As we are now fully into a ‘new normal’ a lot of people are taking this chance to review where they are and, more importantly, what they are now going to do going forward.

There’s no denying we have all been impacted by the Coronavirus pandemic. Although we have all been impacted in different ways we are now all in same position, what to do next? As the economy is re-opening a lot of people who were furloughed are now, hopefully, returning to the workplace. The self-employed will have seen an uptick in their work as the restrictions have been lifted. But I wonder how many of you had a taste of time away from work and thought ‘I quite like this!’.

We have been fortunate enough to work relatively normally during the entire lockdown period and we have certainly seen a shift in client attitudes. Many clients we see come to us with the thought of retirement still being in the distance – not anymore. We have spoken to many clients about retirement and, to a lot of their surprises, the fact it is achievable much sooner than they thought.

If you’re one of the many people who now like the idea of winding down towards retirement and would like to know what is achievable then please contact our office on 01778 342291 to arrange a FREE initial consultation with one of our friendly and experienced Financial Planners.