Critical Illness Cover

Should you suffer a Critical illness then the personal and financial cost will be high.

What plans do you have in place?

Will your savings be sufficient?

How much will your employer help you?

How will you maintain your current household expenditure and debts potentially over the very long term?

In truth the statistical likelihood of one of us becoming critically ill before the age of 65 is pretty frightening!

Critical illness cover is a long term policy that can provide you with a capital sum should you be diagnosed within a range of medical issues. It would help provide certainty that at a time of great emotion and stress that you and your family can maintain your standard of living, bills can be paid and debts hopefully settled in full.

So what is your Plan? If you haven’t got one then we can help you. We will spend time understanding you, your family life and your financial circumstances and we will help by selecting and arranging the most appropriate contract available for you and your circumstances.