Why Cambridge Legal Services And Financial Advice Are So Closely Aligned

Cambridge legal services inevitably go hand in hand with accountancy and financial matters. If you have been looking for a financial advisor Cambridge based, you should therefore consider one both that has access to a tried and trusted network of solicitors and can offer practical advice on an accountancy level.

So when may Cambridge financial services and legal services overlap? One key area for individuals is in estate planning and will writing. Many of us want to make sure we leave the worldly possessions we have worked hard for in life to specific people after our deaths. Whether it’s to ensure your family is properly provided for when you die or to benefit a charity you have a connection with and want to support, it’s essential that you get the details right. If not, you will be leaving a messy and potentially very distressing situation behind. The financial role of Cambridge will writers is to ensure that you fully identify all your assets; do not fall foul of tax legislation; and properly provide for everyone you wish to benefit, perhaps by setting up one or more trusts. You may, for instance, have children from a previous relationship that you do not want to disinherit. Legal advice necessarily goes hand in hand with this. The law surrounding inheritance, taxation and trusts can be highly complex, making sound knowledge of that legislation, as well as strong financial advice, essential. Additionally, a will must be properly executed in accordance with the law to, as far as possible, prevent misunderstandings and challenges in the future. The value of using your financial advisors, their knowledge of the law and their connections with trusted Cambridge legal services cannot be understated.

Another key milestone in life in planning your finances and future is in taking out a mortgage. There are many types of mortgage on the market and very often, people opt for what seems like a good deal at the time while failing to consider their likely future financial position. Good mortgage advice Cambridge wide is essential from an independent source to ensure you are taking up an offer that will not leave you financially disadvantaged over the longer term. However, you will also need sound assistance from a legal expert for the transfer of the ownership of the property from the current owner to the buyer. You will also require legal advice if you are purchasing a property in conjunction with another party, whether that be your partner, a relative, a friend or a business associate – to ensure matters of ownership are firmly established in case of future dispute. It is also beneficial to have such legal advice if you are remortgaging a property. You may wish to do this, for example, to take advantage of a better interest rate; to change ownership of the property (adding or removing a partner from the mortgage, for instance); or increasing the amount borrowed from the lender.

In order to ensure significant financial decisions such as these run smoothly, therefore, it’s important you select advisors experienced in both Cambridge legal services and financial services. That way, you know you and your family will be better protected in the future.